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  • 中国(重庆)雅融建筑及装饰材料博览会一年一届,因办展的不可控性,可能会出现主题变更、延期或取消的情况,参展参观前请联系主办方核实!关注会展号了解展会动态。

    中国(重庆)雅融建筑及装饰材料博览会(简称“重庆雅融建博会”)以“新潮流 新势力 新业态”为主题,设立多个主题展区,重点突出门业及定制家居、门窗系统、智能家居、陶瓷卫浴、墙面/吊顶/地板/软装、 建筑及装饰材料等领域,通过产品展示、技术交流、经贸合作的鞥形式,着力于为家居建材行业企业和观众打造一个高校、务实的商贸交流平台。


    门业及定制家居展区 门窗幕墙及设备展区 墙面/吊顶/地材/软装展区
    墙面/吊顶/地材/软装展区 智能家居展区 厨卫电器展区 木工机械

    China (Chongqing) Yarong Architecture and Decorative Materials Expo once a year, due to the uncontrollable nature of the exhibition, there may be theme changes, extensions or cancellations, please contact the organizers before the exhibition to verify! Follow the exhibition number to learn about the exhibition.

    China (Chongqing) Yarong Architecture and Decorative Materials Expo ("Chongqing Yarong Construction Expo") with "new trends, new forces, new business style" as the theme, set up a number of thematic exhibition areas, focusing on the door industry and custom home, door and window systems, smart home, Ceramic bathroom, wall / ceiling / floor / soft, construction and decorative materials and other fields, through product display, technical exchanges, economic and trade cooperation in the 鞥 form, focus on home building materials industry enterprises and audiences to create a university, pragmatic business exchange platform.

    China (Chongqing) Yarong Architecture and Decorative Materials Expo was founded in 2016, after three sessions of rapid growth, has become the southwest region of the iconic, representative professional exhibition, aimed at providing enterprises with new products release, agents, business negotiations, such as a full range of one-stop service platform for professional audiences in the home building materials industry to provide a wealth of product choices, cutting-edge industry information and build a bridge of business cooperation. China (Chongqing) Yarong Jianbo And Door Custom Exhibition Was Successfully Held At Chongqing International Expo Center From, With More Than 200 EnterpriseS From Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing And Other ProvinceS And Cities Participating, Representing An Increase Of 37% Over The Previous Session. Statistics, from Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan. Chongqing. Hubei, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Sri Lanka and other regions, about 10,000 professional visitors, dealers visit the site procurement, an increase of 31% over the previous session, the exhibition's influence rapidly increased.

    Participation in:
    Door industry and custom home exhibition area Door and window curtain wall and equipment exhibition area Wall/ceiling/floor/soft-fitting exhibition area
    Wall/ceiling/ground/soft-fitting exhibition area Smart Home Exhibition Area Kitchen and electrical exhibition area Carpentry machinery


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